Stardust: Search for The One

It has been eons since the last major breakthrough in science. Ever since the The One, the machine lord of the Poto, foretold that whoever could unlock the secrets of the Stardust would have unlimited power and control over all mater. As such the four major races in the galaxy have, for 20,000 years, attempted -to break the secrets of the Stardust.
The Stardust are ships left behind by the Ancient Ones as a way to test species wanting to leave the galaxy. The ships hold near infinite power. None of the four races know anything about the power source of the Stardust. The power source disables itself once it is opened and cannot be reactivated once put back together.
Rumor has it that the One is close to unlocking the secrets of the ship. If the One is able to unlock the secrets the entire Poto race will gain the knowledge of the Stardust. The Poto share a symbiotic link with the One. Since he creates the Poto from himself and they share a common conscience.
The Hune are the next in line for unlocking the secrets. Though they only want the knowledge to gain a military superiority over the other three races and conquer the galaxy. The main faction of the Hune is the Galactic Fist. A government of the Hune that is obsessed with galactic conquest.
The Soleet are the next in line for unlocking the secrets. Though they are only interested in the technology to alter their genetic code so they are no longer dependent on their sun’s radiation. The Soleet are a plant like species that are dependent on their sun’s radiation to live. Unfortunately there are only a few stars left in the galaxy that emit the radiation that the Soleet need to survive and those suns are getting ready to collapse. If they do not unlock the secrets they will be doomed to extinction.
Finally are the Largeth. They are only maintaining their fleet of expedition ships. Largeth are a species of lizard people that are only concerned with exploration. The only reason they are researching the secrets of the stardust is so they can leave the galaxy and explore the universe.

The story picks up in a bar on New Sol, the homeworld of the Hune…


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